Confetti Crew Template Club


Confetti Crew is a subscription template club for makers.

Your $15 monthly subscription includes...

  • 30% off templates on Etsy
  • Access to our members only Confetti Crew Facebook group 
  • 4 door hanger templates (JPEG + PDF)  
  • 1 month exclusive access to designs 
  • 1 in group live per month
  • Spin days where the group can win bonus lives, templates & discounts
  • Discounts from Home Creations Milling & Signage  on laser cut blanks


Things To Know: 

  • You will receive your welcome email on Oct 1st! The first date of your membership. It can't get here soon enough-eeeeep. 
  • A recurring payment will be drafted from your account each month. You can cancel at any time before your next scheduled payment date. There is no contract. 
  • Request to join the Confetti Crew Facebook group after you've enrolled. You'll need to answer the required questions with the information from the PayPal account you used to sign up. New members will be added to the group on the 1st of the following month. If you enroll Sept 20-25th, you'll be added to the group Oct 1st. 
  • These designs can be utilized to create and sell hand painted art! A few examples include door hangers, yard art and attachments. You are welcome to paint them however you'd like.
  • You are prohibited from selling wooden blank cutouts of the designs, color images cannot be printed onto any surface and you cannot digitally redraw/modify/alter/resell the template design.